About Josh

  Thanks again for taking time to stop by my website.  There are a ton of real estate agents you can put your trust in to help serve you best and get your goals accomplished.  I don’t take the opportunity lightly and I’m confident that you will not find another agent in my area that will work harder for you and provide as much knowledge and expertise as myself.   Please visit my testimonials page to see the manner in which I have serve clients in the past.   Continue reading on to get a brief bio on myself and what separates me from others in our area.

   I enjoy the challenges and unique situations and relationships that arise in the real estate field.  I always tell clients that it does not take much to get your real estate license, that’s why there are so many in every market, but to be one of the best takes perhaps more diligence, knowhow, persistance, confidence and hardwork than most careers.  I take pride in accomplishing my clients’ goals in a manner that leaves them pleased and excited to pass my name on to friends and family.  The vast majority of my business every year has come from the referrals of friends and past clients.

  Most importantly, why do I do what I do, in the manner in which I do it.  Two primary motivating factors play in every decision I make in life, and those carry over into my real estate practice.  I have an incredible family at home.  My wife of 9+ years has blessed me with four rowdy boys and we have our fifth child on the way.  Life at the Neumann house is always exciting.  My wife desires to be at home with our children, making me the sole income earner and I would have it no other way.  You can trust that I am a fulltime agent that is serious about getting business done.  The second major influence, and not necessarily in that order, is my faith.  I am bible believing Christian that desires to see Christ’s teachings and Spirit modeled in my life.  This is irrelevant to your beliefs, but regardless of what your particular beliefs are, you can expect that my decisions, actions and the manner in which I conduct my business is a direct byproduct of my belief system.

   We absolutely love living in the coulee region!  The beautiful topography makes are area unique.  The buzz and beauty of the river is perfectly complimented by colors and sounds of the bluffs and the nature that surrounds our community.  But without a doubt, what makes this area the perfect place to make your home, is the people.  Our community is covered with folks that are willing to lend a helping hand, folks that are there for one another, who love to have a great time together, to give back to the community, to serve each other and to make this community a better place.  I welcome you to our area and hope to work with you in the near future.


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